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AO Scan Technology provides a timely and cost-effective way for you to collect relevant information that your clients, friends, and family may require to make life-altering decisions about their body. It's time to release the hero inside and show up for your best life.

This is what we call Quantum Living.

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is your Guide

Solex has developed new devices and systems in the areas of Energy, Frequency, Vibration & Resonance to provide you with education and feedback about how your body is performing, so that you can best optimize your wellbeing.

Take Charge of your Health

What if you could discover your body's personal frequencies right at home? What would you do differently, if you knew exactly where your body was struggling, and could take corrective measures to resolve it?

Education is our Objective

AO Scan Technology by Solex ™ is an elegant, yet simply designed technology inspired by discoveries from Tesla, Einstein, and many other renowned scientists. It is designed to communicate with the body via subtle bio-frequencies and electromagnetic signals.

Solex has compiled a database of over 120,000 unique Blueprint Frequencies, and developed a hand-held technology that allows you to compare your personal frequencies with these Blueprints to guide you toward homeostasis - the body's natural state of balance.

Let AO Scan Technology empower you to put your health back into your hands!

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The Body is a Miracle

Science has discovered that every cell, tissue, and organ of the body is 98% energy that resonates with a unique frequency and vibration. What if you could record these frequencies, and gain access to revealing and relevant information about your body?

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How Solex is helping others

Master Quantum Living

“The AO Scan is a brilliant concept that provides a real-time biological fingerprint of the body – anatomically, physiologically, and metabolically – using established resonance physics. Information collected can be used for lifestyle or behavioral modification. It can also surround the body with dynamic resonance patterns that support optimal wellbeing.” Dr. William Pawluk, MD, MSc